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TCMA (West) 8108 Mesa Dr & TCMA (East) 8127 Mesa Dr Austin, TX 78759 * (512)302-5425

Third Coast is Closed Wed Nov 25 - Sun Nov 29 for Thanksgiving

Third Coast Martial Arts is a family-oriented year round school specializing in Tae Kwon Do and other self-defense techniques. We offer a variety of class times and camps to meet the needs of the entire family. Sign up for a free class today! Head Instructors undergo an extensive, fingerprint-based national criminal history background check.

Martial Arts @ Faith Lutheran

Third Coast now offers martial arts at Faith Lutheran for after school kids. New session starts in January 2016.

After School Pick Up (K-5th)

Third Coast picks up at Hill (FULL), Doss (FULL), Davis, Laurel Mtn and Murchison. Third Coast is exempt from DFPS regulation under HRC 42.04 (b)(17). Pickup is offered as a service to parents & available for martial arts students only.

Dragon Programs (Ages 4-7 yrs)

Next session runs October 19, 2015 - December 17, 2015. Advanced Dragons meets Mondays at 3:30pm our East location. Lil' Dragon beginner classes meets Wednesdays at 3:30pm our East location. A fun introduction for the 4yr - 7yr old student. Click on "programs tab" for more information.

Personal Training

Third Coast Personal Training can help you reach your fitness goals regardless of your fitness level or age. Personal Training programs include: rehabilitation from varying types of surgeries, treatment for debilitating effects of osteoporosis, weight training, flexibility training, specialized programs for teens, adults and mature adults.

Demo Team

The Third Coast Scorpion Demonstration Team creates a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills while performing for schools, churches, sporting events and other locations in the Austin and surrounding areas. This team will help build team work skills and showcase the benefits of martial arts such as developing self-defense skills, discipline and confidence. Our goal is to educate, entertain and to be a positive force in our community.


Yoga for men & women meets Thursdays 7:00pm @ our West location behind Mesa Ranch Restaurant. Call Yvonne 426-8592 for more information.

Third Coast East is located on the east side of Mesa in the corner near Galaxy Cafe. Third Coast West is on the west side of Mesa behind Double Daves Pizzaworks.

Try a Free Introductory Class

Reservations Required
Saturdays at 10:25am @ our West location. No class 11/7.
Ages 4 to adult. Click on the link to register: http://thirdcoastmartialarts.com/registration.php

Martial Arts for Kids
Kids who study martial arts were found to perform better in math, be more attentive, have better social skills, and have an easier time focusing in class than those that didn’t. Taking up some form of martial art was even found to help children mitigate the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and allow them to perform and behave better at school and at home. Some parents are concerned that teaching kids martial arts may make them violent, but the reverse is actually true. Studies on disadvantaged children from violent homes found that some form of training actually made them less violent than their peers from similar circumstances.

TCMA’s school philosophy blends tradition, hard work, commitment and discipline with a sense of fun, humor and community. Our student creed and daily affirmations place friendship and self-improvement over competition. We emphasize that every student should try their best and be supportive of others

Third Coast Black Belts


  • Hill Elementary
  • Doss Elementary
  • Davis Elementary
  • Laurel Mountain Elementary
  • Murchison Middle School

2015-2016 TEST DATES

Full white uniforms are required for pre-test and belt testing.

  • Saturday, December 12 Blue & Below
  • Saturday, January 23 Pretest: Purple --> Black
  • Saturday, February 6 Test & Graduation: Purple --> Black
  • Saturday, March 5 Purple & below
  • Friday, April 22 Blue & Below

Class Attire

Third Coast T-shirts & MMA shorts are allowed in all classes, except Tuesday 5:30pm East. Shorts on sale at the East & West locations.

What our students & parents are saying:

I am so happy we found TCMA. Taking Tae Kwon Do at the school has had such a positive impact on our family. You do such a wonderful job of creating a supportive and constructive environment. It makes all the difference. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey... TCMA Parent and Student

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you. Mainly for what you have done in such a short time for our child's self-esteem and pride. TCMA Parent

My gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you both for being a part of creating the history of our son's life, the foundation upon which I'm sure he will build for years to come, and an environment of love and acceptance. TCMA Parent

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