After-School Martial Arts Pickup Program

Online Registration

Pickup is offered as a service to parents & available for martial arts students only. Third Coast is exempt from DFPS regulation under HRC 42.04 (b)(17).

  • Hill Elementary (Mon & Thurs are full)
  • Davis Elementary
  • Murchison Middle School

Pick up follows Austin ISD calendar for school holidays.

Third Coast students must be picked up by 5:20pm. Flexible pricing with pickup from 1x/wk - 5x/wk

  • 1x/wk $199
  • 2x/wk $239
  • 3x/wk $289
  • 4x/wk $349
  • 5x/wk $379
  • $40 Registration Fee & 1st month tuition due upon registration. No refunds.
    Prices include Pick Up & Classes
    Prices do not include starter kit $89 or $39 for Lil Dragons Uniform
    10% Sibling discount

    Your CC will be charged when submitted

    Student Name (last, first):
    Dads Name:
    Moms Name:
    Marital Status:
    Address:      Zip
    Cell Mom:     Cell Dad:
    Student date of birth:    Age: M F   Grade:
    Pickup Days:
    School Name:
    Credit Card:

    Transportation (checkbox)
    I give permission for my child to be transported to Third Coast Martial Arts from my child's school.
    Uniform Size: Youth - S/M/L/Ad S:
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