No Belt

All belts must be earned. Beginning students begin with no belt but can quickly earn their white belt by learning these techniques. A summary of belt testing requirements for white belt are at the bottom of this page.

White Belt Test Procedure

In order to be promoted to white belt, a student must attend at least 12 classes and get an instructor recommendation. The student must know this curriculum:

  1. Student Creed
  2. Aerobics Exercises
  3. Stretching Exercises
  4. 10-second hold position and front kick stance
  5. 3-count front snap kick
  6. First three (3) white belt basics (left and right)
  7. Basic sparring 1, 2 and 3
  8. Form: "Kyu-Yool"- meaning DISCIPLINE

Students must present their updated curriculum and most recent report card. They must wear a clean and pressed white uniform with all the required patches.
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