Red Belt

Red signifies danger, cautioning both the student to exercise control and the opponent to stay away.

Double Round Double Side Kick

Jump Front Side Kick

Jump Back Round Kick

Reverse Crescent Kick

Red Belt Combos

Pyung-Whaa form meaning "Peace"

Brown Belt Test Procedure

In order to be promoted to brown belt, a student must attend at least 45 classes and earn 25 teaching/leadership credits.

The student must know this curriculum:

  1. Double Round Double Side Kick
  2. Jump Side Kick
  3. Jump Round Kick
  4. Reverse Crescent Kick
  5. Red Belt Combos
  6. Pyung-Whaa form

Students must present their updated curriculum book before promotion. They must wear a clean and pressed uniform with all required patches at their promotion test.
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