Gold Belt

Gold signifies Earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the Tae Kwon Do foundation is being laid.

Gold belt students are required to bring footgear with them to every class. Foot gear can be purchased at the Third Coast Martial Arts main office.

Green Belt Test Procedure

In order to be promoted to gold belt, a student must attend at least 30 classes and get an instructor recommendation. Full gear is required for green belt students including foot, hand, head, shin, and mouth guards. Males should also wear a protective cup while sparring. All gear can be purchased through the Third Coast Martial Arts main office.

The student must know this curriculum:

  1. Three Count Round Kick
  2. Gold Belt Combos
  3. Undong form
  4. Jayoo form
  5. Double Counters number 1 through 8

Students must present their updated curriculum book before promotion. They must wear a clean and pressed uniform with all required patches at their promotion test.
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