Active Black Belt Instructors

Master John Seay - 6th Degree

Master John Seay is a 6th Dan black belt who has studied and taught Tae Kwon Do for more than 35 years. He is also a certified Level 1 Mike Swain Judo Instructor & certified by American Top Team as Level 1 MMA instructor. Master Seay is a native of Texas. He first became interested in martial arts as an activity he could do with his children. His deep love of teaching led to him opening his own school in 1996. He is also a personal trainer and has a background in both nursing and music.

Leon McCowan - 4th Degree

Leon has studied martial arts for close to 14 years. In addition to his black belt in American Tae Kwon Do, he has also studied judo and WTF Tae Kwon Do. Leon is the RCRA Waste Manager for the Texas Military Forces and Associate Pastor at St. James Missionary Baptist Church. Dr. McCowan earned his 1st degree in 2008, his 2nd degree in 2010, his 3rd degree in 2013 and his 4th degree in 2017. He enjoys serving on the TCMA, Inc. - Board of Directors. In addition to teaching regular classes, he also teaches after school programs at Hyde Park (with Mrs. Jami Hatch) & St. Andrews.

Jami Hatch - 2nd Degree

Jami earned her first-degree black belt in 2002 and also trained in Tai Chi. Both of her children earned their black belts at TCMA. She has been at Third Coast since 1997. Jami is the TCMA Business Manager and Director of Operations. In addition to teaching regular classes, she also teaches the Lil' Dragons and after school programs at Faith Lutheran (with Dr. McCowan), Hyde Park & The Jewish Community Center. Jami earned her 2nd degree in April 2015.

Jordan Hatch - 1st Degree

Jordan started at TCMA when she was 6 years old and earned her black belt in 2002 at the age of 11. She graduated from Texas Christian University and is employed as a sytems analyst at General Motors. Jordan also trains in Kung Fu and is the recording secretary to the board of TCMAF, Inc.

Nick Virden - 2nd Degree

Nick attained his 1st degree black belt at the age of 15 after 8 years of studying Tae Kwon Do at Third Coast Martial Arts and his 2nd degree in March 2011. He is the winner of the Showdown at High Noon Tournament. Nick graduated from UT Austin and is working full time in Austin.

Cameron Adams - 2nd Degree

Cameron started in our Lil’ Dragon’s program in 2003. He attends Westwood HS and his mom Andrea is a black belt at our school. Cameron enjoys playing baseball, soccer and the clarinet. Cameron earned his Black belt in March 2010 & he earned his 2nd degree in April 2015.

Susan Kidwell - 2nd Degree

Dr. Kidwell joined Third Coast in March 2008. She is a partner at Locke Lord LLP, where she is specializes in civil appellate law. Susan earned her Black Belt in October 2013 & her 2nd degree in May 2017.

Guillermo Gonzalez - 1st Degree

Guillermo started at Third Coast in April 2008. He grew up in south Texas and attended the University of Texas for both undergraduate and law school. He is now a criminal law attorney at Buford & Gonzalez. Guillermo earned his Black Belt in April 2015.

Mercedes Gonzalez - 1st Degree

Mercedes started at Third Coast in 2010 and earned her Black Belt in May 2017. She is now a Freshman at McCallum High School. She play the saxophone in the marching band and is an advanced art student.

Robert Seiler - 1st Degree

Robert started at Third Coast in 2010 and is now 14 years old. He earned his Black Belt in May 2017. He is an 8th grader in the Magnet program at Kealing Middle School. He enjoys tennis, piano and is a Life Scout in Tropp 454. He will be attending Anderson HS in the fall.

Ben Cassar - 1st Degree

Ben is 13 years old and is in the 7th grade at Murchison Middle School. Ben has been a student at Third Coast since 2011. He is an avid scouter in the final stages of becoming an Eagle Scout. He loves rock climbing and fishing. Ben earned his Black Belt in May 2017.

Third Coast Black Belts Abroad:

Jimmy Deal - 1st Degree

Jimmy joined Third Coast in April 2008. Jimmy graduated from Westwood HS and is currently attending Texas A&M. Jimmy earned his Black Belt in October 2011.

Hannah English - 1st Degree

Hannah started studying martial arts at TCMA in first grade. She earned her Black Belt in February 2007. Hannah is currently a student at Texas Tech University and teaches at Third Coast in the summer.

Richard Culleton - 1st Degree

Richard joined Third Coast with his dad in March 2007. He graduated from Anderson HS & is attending UT Austin. Richard earned is Black Belt in October 2013.

Rick Culleton - 1st Degree

Rick joined Third Coast with his son 2007. He is the owner of Discount Electronics and an avid bicyclist. Rick earned is Black Belt in October 2013.

Ethan Swan - 2nd Degree

Ethan joined Third Coast in March 2008. Ethan graduated from Anderson HS and attending Texas State University. Ethan earned his Black Belt in November 2012 and his 2nd degree in 2016.

Charlie Tusa - 2nd Degree

Charlie started in the after school program at St. Andrews in 1st grade. He came over to Third Coast in June 2007. Charlie received his 1st degree black belt in March 2011 and his 2nd Degree in 2016. He graduated from St. Andrew Episcopal and is currently attending Vanderbilt University.

Since the year 2000, Master Seay has 52 students who earned their Black Belts through Third Coast Martial Arts
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