Private Lessons

All private lessons at Third Coast Martial Arts are taught by qualified black belt instructors. Each has their own areas of expertise. Private lessons can be purchased in half hour or full hour increments. Fees vary depending on the qualifications of the black belt instructor.

Master John Seay - 7th Degree

Owner and Master Instructor
Third Coast Martial Arts
30 Years Experience
Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do and Judo
Personal Fitness Training

(512) 302-KICK

Jami Hatch - 2nd Degree

Tae Kwon Do & Self-Defense
16 Years Experience
(3) 30 minutes lessons for $99 or $40 half hour
$55 full hour
(512) 302-KICK

Leon McCowan -4th Degree

Tae Kwon Do & Mixed Arts
$65 one hour
$90 1 1/2hrs
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