TCMA Philosophy

Mission Statement

To balance tradition, hard work, commitment and self-discipline to improve the body and mind, instill ethical self-conduct and to create a sense of unity among our students, their families and communities.

School Philosophy

Our school philosophy involves blending tradition, hard work, commitment and discipline with a sense of fun, humor and community.

TCMA System

We invite and encourage adults to participate in our all-age classes. Often parents and their children enjoy learning martial arts together, making it a family experience. Ask about our family rates. We also offer a special Lil Dragon's program for 4yrs through 1st grade.

Our school creed and affirmations place friendship and self-improvement over competition (although we certainly don't mind when our students enjoy showing off a little at tournaments!)

Most important is that every student try his or her best, and is supportive of others. Our school rules help ensure such an atmosphere.

Philosophical Goals

  • Improvement of Mind and Body

    We instill a harmonious balance in our students. We provide the means by which students can bring out the best in themselves both physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Ethical Self-Conduct

    We teach our students to contribute to a better world through ethical self-conduct. Our students learn the importance of responsible behavior.
  • Unity

    Our school is primarily a non-competitive community. We look after each other and help each other both inside and outside the dojang. We want all of our members to view Third Coast Martial Arts as their martial arts home.
  • Consistency

    Greatness is achieved through consistency. All members of Third Coast Martial Arts are encouraged to attend classes as often as possible. This should be a minimum of twice per week.
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